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  • $6.00

    ORA mesh bag increases the lifespan of your menstrual underwear. Your intimates are no longer at risk of snagging.
    By inserting your menstrual underwear into our mesh bag during the washing process, you can wash them thoroughly and gently while preserving their protective absorbent layer.

    The result? Your fine lace lingerie stays intact much longer.

    Dimension: 25 x 30 cm.
    Holds 2 to 4 panties.

  • $7.00

    Our menstrual underwear deserve to be taken care of! To avoid damaging the absorption layer and preserve its effectiveness, we have designed a glycerin-free soap made of coconut and olive oil. Give your underwear a quick wash, and you’re good to go!

    100 g soap bar

    Made in Quebec by Tinavie