Sizing Chart

Culottes menstruelles

Comment se mesurer? Placez le ruban autour de vos hanches, au niveau des os du bassin, sans serrer.

* Si vous hésitez entre 2 tailles, à vous de voir si vous aimez mieux vos culottes plus ajustées ou avoir plus d’espace dedans.

Mesure à plat des culottes menstruelles

From one style to another, hip and waist size are similar.
The difference is mainly seen at the inseam.

Waist & hip

Height & inseam

Please note! The styles are not worn the same way and do not have the same elasticity. It is essential to compare the measurements of your underwear with a similar style (high waist with high waist, cotton with cotton, etc.).

How to measure your underwear

Serviettes hygiéniques lavables

Largeur (cm)15,51818
Longueur (cm)20,52328

This size guide was created to make your shopping experience as easy and stress-free as possible. Although we try to be as precise as possible, each person and each body type is different. Overall, our sizes are quite standard.