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Combien de culottes te procurer?

Il est important de choisir la bonne culotte menstruelle en fonction : de son flux menstruel, du nombre de fois oĂą l’on se change et de la durĂ©e de ses règles.
Plus ta protection est absorbante, plus tu peux la porter longtemps.

Flux léger
30 ml / cycle menstruel

Équivalent à 1 tampon par jour ou quelques gouttes sur une serviette. 

1 culotte / jour

1 culotte / nuit

Flux moyen
30 Ă  50 ml / cycle

Équivalent à 2 à 3 tampons par jour ou une serviette toutes les 3 heures

1 culotte / jour

1 culotte / nuit

Flux abondant
50 Ă  70 ml / cycle

Équivalent à 4 à 5 tampons par jour ou 1 serviette toutes les 2 heures

1 Ă  2 culottes / jour

1 culottes / nuit


Un minimum de 3-5 culottes est nĂ©cessaire pour tenir une pĂ©riode de règle. Il faudra cependant laver les culottes entre leurs utilisations afin de les rĂ©utiliser, les jours suivants. Choisis des culottes Ă  diffĂ©rents niveaux d’absorption qui s’adapteront Ă  ton flux menstruel, selon chaque jour de tes règles.

3 Ă  5 culottes / cycle


Tu ne veux plus penser au lavage entre les utilisations? Compte 2 Ă  3 culottes par jour de règles. Après chaque utilisation, rince les et mets les de cĂ´tĂ©. Tu n’auras plus qu’Ă  tout mettre au lavage Ă  la fin de tes règles !

2 à 3 culottes / jour de règle

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How many panties do you need?

It’s important to choose the right menstrual panties according to: your menstrual flow, the number of times you change and the duration of your period.
The more absorbent your protection, the longer you can wear it.

Light flow
30 ml / menstrual cycle

Equivalent to 1 tampon a day or a few drops on a towel.

1 pair of panties / day

1 pair of panties / night

Average flow
30 to 50 ml / cycle

Equivalent to 2 to 3 tampons a day or a pad every 3 hours

1 pair of panties / day

1 pair of panties / night

Abundant flow
50 to 70 ml / cycle

Equivalent to 4 to 5 tampons a day or 1 towel every 2 hours

1 to 2 panties / day

1 pair of panties / night


A minimum of 3-5 panties is needed to last through a period. However, you’ll need to wash the panties between uses so that you can reuse them on subsequent days. Choose panties with different levels of absorption to adapt to your menstrual flow, depending on the day of your period.

3 to 5 pants / cycle


Don’t you want to think about washing between uses? Count 2 to 3 panties per day of menstruation. After each use, rinse and set aside. All you have to do is put them in the wash at the end of your period!

2 to 3 panties / menstruation day

Culotte menstruelle

Novelty alert 🛍️

Discover Classique Coton blue and Classique Coton Ivoire. They’re perfect for medium flows and keep you dry for up to 12 hours!

New V.S. Liquidation collection

As you’ve probably noticed, our panty designs as you’ve always known them are on clearance. Don’t worry, we’ve simply made changes to our manufacturing processes. Older models won’t be coming back, but you can find similar models in the new collection.

Please note that clearance items are neither exchangeable nor refundable.

What's new with
the new collection?

If you wash

A minimum of 3-5 panties will give you time to wash and dry after use, then carry over to the next cycle. Choose different absorption levels to suit your menstrual flow.

3 to 5 pants / cycle

To avoid thinking about it

Do you want to stop thinking about washing and make sure you have enough? Count 2 to 3 panties per day of menstruation. All you have to do is put them in the wash at the end of your period!

2 to 3 panties / menstruation day

Hip and waist sizes are quite similar from one model to another. The difference is most obvious in the crotch.

Your hips Recommended size
27-29 XXS
30-32 XS
32-35 S
36-39 M
40-44 L
44-47 XL
48-50 XXL
51-53 3XL
53-55 4XL

If you’re hesitating between 2 sizes, it’s up to you to decide whether you prefer tighter-fitting panties or more room inside. You can also view detailed measurements for each model ⤵