We are much more than just period underwear!

Making a difference one step at a time

Ora Protections wants to make women aware  of the importance of using washable and reusable menstrual protection that is better for the environment and their health. That’s why we offer various styles and encourage every woman to feel free, empowered, and at peace during her period.

Our values


Ora Protection is a brand that respects you and acts with complete transparency. We have trust in the quality of our products and want to give you the opportunity to choose the menstrual protection that is right for you.

Nothing is more important to us than listening to what you have to say. With your help, we can make things happen and go forward.


We are committed to tackling taboos surrounding menstruation and normalizing an open discussion. There are too many myths and misconceptions about menstruation that lead to misinformation.

As a result, we believe that we only have limited choices regarding period protection. Ora protections wants to challenge these outdated assumptions and create a future where women feel empowered during their period and are more accepting of their bodies. Life is more pleasurable when you take the time to listen to yourself and “follow your flow!”. We believe in this so much that we’ve made it our motto

Corporate responsibility

On average, 96 kg of sanitary pads and tampons are thrown away over a lifetime. At Ora Protections, we believe that caring for our bodies and the environment goes together.

By choosing our washable period underwear and sanitary pads, you are protecting the most fragile  parts of your body while lowering your carbon footprint.



Before launching Ora protections, I didn’t know that the tampons and sanitary pads I had been using every month for so many years were harmful to my health. After my third child’s birth, I decided to find out what exactly these products were made of. I discovered that these commercial products contained toxic materials derived from petroleum and that they negatively affected the vaginal flora.

I started talking to other women about it and unfortunately, it was the same story.

It was in 2021 that I decided to take matters into my own hands and do something about it. I wanted to encourage the use of safe and environmentally friendly period protection. I also wanted to share my knowledge on the subject and provide educational content and build a community where every woman would feel heard and understood.

Ora protections is about much more than period underwear and pads. It represents a positive philosophy in which women fully embrace themselves and don’t sacrifice their well-being.