Did you know that 17% of menstruating women don’t have the money to pay for feminine hygiene products? Menstrual precarity is a widespread issue and it’s even present in North America. Not only is being able to afford period protection is a luxury, but disposable products, which are still the most commonly used solutions, generate 96 kg of waste per woman per year! Women are paying a high price for their period, and the planet is too.

Many cities are now offering grants to help cover the cost of reusable feminine hygiene products. Period protection is a personal choice that every woman gets to make for themselves. These grants help make sure more women have access to make the choice to switch to washable protection and help with the economical and environmental issues mentionned above.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of cities that are currently reimbursing a portion of the cost of washable protection, with proof of purchase. Of course, our Ora Protections period underwear is eligible!

Cities in Quebec

Island of Montreal