Candle – Cucumber & Melon


There’s no way this scent can go unnoticed. You’ll be the talk of the town! Like a light breeze that invites its way into every room of the house, a refreshing moment between two appointments or the first drops of rain after a hot summer. The duo of cucumber and melon is a fresh, delicate, and clear scent.

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A fresh and crisp cucumber scent combined with a decadent and juicy honeydew melon scent. Top notes of green cucumber, sweet peach and juicy berries.
Geranium, rose and pineapple at the heart of the fragrance.

Natural soy candle & natural wood wick
8 oz – minimum burn time 40h
Handmade in Quebec


Trust them!

Delivery couldn't be faster! Exceptional customer service and the product is really great! I highly recommend it!

Caroline Roy Facebook

😍 The concept is fairly new and I admit I was puzzled at first but the panties are super comfortable, I recommend 200%! And customer service: second to none. Thank you!


WOW. I've tried menstrual panties and love their comfort and quality 😍 I wouldn't do without them now! Bye bye sanitary pads and tampons! I'm in love! 😳

Carolane Bégin

To try it is to adopt it 🖤 I'm in love with all the products and also the designer who is dedicated to sharing all her knowledge to improve the quality of life of every woman! Thank you Ora, you will have helped improve quality of life 😍😍😍 Thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏻

Audrey Godin

Quality service and products 👌 I recommend you try this wonderful company ❤️

Kelly-Ann Ravary

I recommend menstrual panties to everyone for real! Comfort, never any doubts about protection all day long and in lots of different contexts! I wore, among others, the one with mesh for climbing and a road trip and no leakage !!!! [...]

Liza Lc Laughlin

[...] I also wore the seamless under a fitted dress during a gala and you couldn't see a thing!!!! Customer service, company mission, unbeatable products, really, very happy to have been a customer of yours for over a year.

Liza Lc Laughlin

WoW what a great discovery, so much better than disposable pads. I'm really happy I dared to change, I recommend it to all women !!!!

Caroline St-André

I've tried other brands but this one offers the best protection and comfort.

Marie-Pierre Bourbeau

I'm pleasantly surprised! Very satisfied, very comfortable and beautiful. No more sanitary towels or tampons!

Kim Cartrand

Wow, wow, wow, this is the most amazing discovery in the world. I even bought my sister a pair of panties for Christmas to show her. She'll place an order, because she's in love too. Thanks Ora!

Sophie Maisonneuve

I tried these menstrual panties and fell in love with them. I'm able to get through the night without leaking or waking up. It's such a joy to feel confident and secure during physical activities, shopping or a hectic day. The only negative comment is that they are made in China. Otherwise, I highly recommend them, as they're super comfortable and look great too.

Isabelle C-Campagna

Quality products, exceptional service and a superb gesture for the environment and your body! For minor bladder weakness, menstruation, discharge, training! The ultimate in comfort and peace of mind! I used them for the first time postpartum and recommended lots of them! Every woman needs it.

Jessica Chouinard

The undies are so comfy! The sizing chart is accurate. The selection is really nice and the customer service is amazing! They answered all my questions and they were very quick!

Caro Parent

I was very skeptical about using menstrual pants, having not worn sanitary pads for at least 20 years out of disgust. I started with Ora Protections products and was delighted! They're comfortable to wear, with no odors or leaks, despite a very heavy flow. I placed a 2nd order to complete the range of products offered! I recommend it to everyone!

Julie Houle

I love all your products, I wish I'd known about them when I was younger, it would have made my life easier during that period. What's more, they're beautiful, comfortable and environmentally friendly. I don't think you could ask for more. I wish you all the best for your company's expansion and continued success. A loyal and 110% satisfied customer. 👌❤️

Precilla Tremblay

I was more than a little skeptical, but Ora passes the test with flying colors! Intense training, cycling, hot yoga and white sheets. I've tested everything in 3 days and it's flawless! What can I say about comfort 👌👌 Me, who doesn't manage this week of the month at all anymore, it almost went unnoticed this time.

Nathalie Bouthillier

Frankly, I was skeptical. I thought I'd get a smell or feel wet. My 1st day, I anticipate it because I pass a super/1h-1h30 buffer. I did 6 hours. There have been many benefits: no more fear of toxic shock, no more getting up at night to change (I can sleep on my back, can you believe it?), washing my bed and breaking in my pyjamas [...].

Pier-Lynn Mimeault

[...] Comfort is incredible! No longer having to use a tampon, my menstrual pain has greatly diminished. I'm not talking about economy or ecology. Before my purchase, I wrote to Ora for advice, and it was customer service first that convinced me I was in good hands. For real, girls, you've got to try this!

Pier-Lynn Mimeault

I wanted to turn to a more ecological gesture with menstrual panties, and well it's not only "greener" but so comfortable, beautiful and sexy even during menstruation. I've never felt so supported during that week of the month. I really love the products!

Jessica Ouellet

I can't believe I didn't discover menstrual panties before! Clearly, it's a life-changer! It's comfortable, keeps you dry, and is great even for heavy flows! I'm 100% sold!

Cynthia Whissell

Thank you for this underwear, which changes everything! Will not stress overflow? Is the towel in the right place? My god, the dream. They are so comfortable and beautiful. Many thanks. I'm going to buy 3 more for next time!

Marie-Josée Roy

Game change in my life. There's before 🌧️ and after ☀️ Ora.

Andréanne Tremblay

It really is a game changer! Wow, I'm so happy with these menstrual panties. The models are beautiful, comfortable and affordable. It sounds intense, but it's changed my life, honestly :) Plus, many municipalities give refunds if you buy menstrual panties. I love it!

Claudia Côté

First try of menstrual panties and it's just wonderful. I don't feel them, absorbs well even after a hard day's work. They're not moist and they don't smell. I will certainly place another order. ☺️

Noémie Lecompte-Leroux

I just received my order in less than 2 days and I am shocked to see how comfortable and beautiful their product is ! You've really changed my life!

Andrée-Ann Lelond

Quick to receive, very comfortable. Just be sure to check which sizes are right for you.

Jessica Gosselin

After trying out quite a few brands, this is still the most comfortable, absorbent and the only one that goes all the way up the back! The price is more than affordable too. I recommend +++

A. B

I've just tried menstrual panties for the first time and WOW what a great discovery. Very, very good product.


In fact, I just tried on the one I received earlier and just COMFY!!!! The fabrics are so comfortable. I can't wait for my next period! 😂 I can't stop bragging about your company to all my girlfriends and I'm going to continue for sure! Thanks again for everything! 🤍


I have ordered from two other companies and even without having tried yours yet, they are my prefs!

Marie-Eve Boulay

I just wanted to thank your great team, because you are fast without common sense! I ordered late Monday night and my order arrived Wednesday afternoon and I don't live near the door ahah! I live in Amqui, in the Matapedia Valley. In short, I love the new seamless panties, they look so, so good! I won't mind wearing it under leggings to go out, compared to the other black ones I only wore at home. I now have 6 pairs and I'm proud to influence my colleagues to buy from you too.

Sophie Lévesque

I don't regret my purchase at all, your knickers are fantastic: super absorbent and really comfortable! I love all this, plus the fact that it reduces my environmental impact!

Léonie Laroche

I tried your product for the first time a month ago and literally fell in love with it. If a product like this had existed when I was a teenager, it would have saved me a lot of discomfort! I'm a teacher and I've talked about your products all over my classroom, even arousing the interest of some men (for their wives) 😉

Annie Gaumond

I was very skeptical but I ordered three pairs and I'm so happy! They are so beautiful and so comfortable I can't even believe it! Even my teenage daughter swears by it now. Simply WoW. What's more, I received them within two days of placing my order! Very fast delivery.

Anick Lord Facebook

I hesitated for a long time before placing an order. I wasn't sure I liked it. I loved it and even reordered. I highly recommend it to all those who are hesitating!

Lucie Laflèche Facebook

I was very skeptical at first, so I started with the 4-panties kit. I'm a little less fond of the light absorption bikini bottoms because they don't rise high enough for my taste, but for the other choices, it's definitely adopted for me. You don't feel like you're in your week, and the comfort and ease of pulling up the panties without changing protection is a big Woww for me.

Vanessa Gagnon Facebook

I recommend them 100%. I have just finished my first cycle with menstrual panties and no damage, even at night. To get started, I bought the 4-piece panty kit. With 4, we have to wash them regularly but I love them. I'm going to order the 7-panties kit and be able to do my full cycle! 👌♥️

Marie-Julie Richer Facebook


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Culotte menstruelle

Novelty alert 🛍️

Discover Classique Coton blue and Classique Coton Ivoire. They’re perfect for medium flows and keep you dry for up to 12 hours!

New V.S. Liquidation collection

As you’ve probably noticed, our panty designs as you’ve always known them are on clearance. Don’t worry, we’ve simply made changes to our manufacturing processes. Older models won’t be coming back, but you can find similar models in the new collection.

Please note that clearance items are neither exchangeable nor refundable.

What's new with
the new collection?

If you wash

A minimum of 3-5 panties will give you time to wash and dry after use, then carry over to the next cycle. Choose different absorption levels to suit your menstrual flow.

3 to 5 pants / cycle

To avoid thinking about it

Do you want to stop thinking about washing and make sure you have enough? Count 2 to 3 panties per day of menstruation. All you have to do is put them in the wash at the end of your period!

2 to 3 panties / menstruation day


Manage your orders, returns and wish lists

Hip and waist sizes are quite similar from one model to another. The difference is most obvious in the crotch.

Your hips Recommended size
27-29 XXS
30-32 XS
32-35 S
36-39 M
40-44 L
44-47 XL
48-50 XXL
51-53 3XL
53-55 4XL

If you’re hesitating between 2 sizes, it’s up to you to decide whether you prefer tighter-fitting panties or more room inside. You can also view detailed measurements for each model ⤵

How many panties do you need?

It’s important to choose the right menstrual panties according to: your menstrual flow, the number of times you change and the duration of your period.
The more absorbent your protection, the longer you can wear it.

Light flow
30 ml / menstrual cycle

Equivalent to 1 tampon a day or a few drops on a towel.

1 pair of panties / day

1 pair of panties / night

Average flow
30 to 50 ml / cycle

Equivalent to 2 to 3 tampons a day or a pad every 3 hours

1 pair of panties / day

1 pair of panties / night

Abundant flow
50 to 70 ml / cycle

Equivalent to 4 to 5 tampons a day or 1 towel every 2 hours

1 to 2 panties / day

1 pair of panties / night


A minimum of 3-5 panties is needed to last through a period. However, you’ll need to wash the panties between uses so that you can reuse them on subsequent days. Choose panties with different levels of absorption to adapt to your menstrual flow, depending on the day of your period.

3 to 5 pants / cycle


Don’t you want to think about washing between uses? Count 2 to 3 panties per day of menstruation. After each use, rinse and set aside. All you have to do is put them in the wash at the end of your period!

2 to 3 panties / menstruation day